Book Your Weekend Plans at This Literary Brewery - Liquid Bread Magazine

“The brewery is like a novel, with individual characters who have their own stories. Each time someone comes in for a beer, a story is shared, and a new chapter is written. This ongoing development comes with drama and sadness, joy and intensity, and makes for a wonderful journey every day.”

(This piece was written for Liquid Bread Magazine.)

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3 Fall Reads for Garden Lovers - Sunset Magazine

Turn to these new titles to elevate your plant game, whatever your skill level. —A.V.H.

Dry Gardens: High Style

for Low Water Gardens

(Rizzoli; $55)

With a foreword by Bay

Area plant maven Flora

Grubb, this sophisticated

xeriscaping bible serves up

stunning design ideas for

environmentally friendly


How to Raise a Plant and

Make It Love You Back.

(Laurence King Publishing;


Born out of a cross-country,

succulent-sharing friendship,

popular Instagram account

@houseplantclub is behind

this fun houseplant primer.

Terrain: Ideas and Inspiration

for Decorating

the Home and Garden

(Artisan; $35)

A crafty guide to plants as

decor, this eponymous tome

from Anthropologie’s sister

brand provides rustic-chic

project ideas for incorporating

botanical elements into

your home.