Book Your Weekend Plans at This Literary Brewery - Liquid Bread Magazine

“The brewery is like a novel, with individual characters who have their own stories. Each time someone comes in for a beer, a story is shared, and a new chapter is written. This ongoing development comes with drama and sadness, joy and intensity, and makes for a wonderful journey every day.”

(This piece was written for Liquid Bread Magazine.)

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Wine and Dine Your Way Through New Zealand -

An extreme sports mecca, New Zealand is home to a city that proclaims itself the adventure capital of the world—and for good reason. One day in Queenstown will show you how frighteningly easy it is to hurl yourself from bridges and planes willy-nilly. Whether it’s from the exercise or simply out of fear, you’ll be burning off plenty of calories, which means there’s no need to feel guilty about digging into the (other) best part about traveling in New Zealand: the food. From freshly caught seafood to lamb meat everything, the delicious yet frequently underrated cuisine the country offers should top your foodie-travel bucket list. These five spots are some of the most uniquely kiwi ways to wine and dine your way through Aotearoa.

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(Photo courtesy of Coromandel Mussel Kitchen.)